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Nov 25, 2002 06:59 AM

kosher marshmallows where to buy?

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there was a health food store here in so cal (mother's) that sold kosher marshmallows (no geletin)

any idea where i might be able to buy some?


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  1. I've seen non-gelatin-ized marshamallows for sale through the williams-sonoma catalogue. They're dear, because it's W-S, so I would only use that source if you couldn't find them elsewhere. Perhaps gourmet candy store in your area?

    Good luck,


    1. Go to Brooklyn, Avenue J or Avenue M. Take the circle q (yellow) train. Any grocery store there will have kosher marshmellows. Williams Sonoma, no way.

      In Manhattan you could also try Kosher Marketplace on Broadway and 90th or Mezonot on Columbus and 94th.

      But brooklyn is your best bet.

      1. A caution for the vegetarian among us: true "no gelatin" marshmallows appear to be no more. When I was younger, I remember agar agar being the coagulent, but all the (several) brands I looked at recently at the kosher supermarket on Coney Island Ave had fish gelatin. (Camping wasn't the same without them!)