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Nov 7, 2002 11:24 PM


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i've found some kosher pickles in the city as good as gus or maybe better.

Paterson Pickle Company sells at street fairs in the city right out of the barrel. they are delicious. i'm on their maling list and i just got an email that tey're last fair of the season is this sunday nov. 10th and they will be on 37th and lexington.

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  1. ps; that's not a sales pitch... just thought it would be helpful for those having trouble finding pickles

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    1. re: stephen

      I just read an article that Picklelicious is doing a mail order business and also now has a store in Teaneck, NJ They used to have a store on the UWS and also did street fairs. Owner is some how related to Gus'

      1. re: rachelmolly

        Hi Iam Harry, picklelicious has not sold Guss pickles in about 8 to 10 years.

    2. I haven't had a truly Kosher pickle since I was a boy in Williamsburg Brooklyn in the 40s..I've had pickles that claim to be kosher. I see the OU on thelabel but I'm a goy..what do I know..I know pickles..I love ba-tempte which is the closest thing I could find where I the attached response to a message from 9/2001..I just noticed the date after I sent it , so here it is again;

      three/four years ago, I went on the atkins diet..all meats and of the only carbs i could touch was pickles..since then, i've been on several diets..currently, the ornish veg diet..i still knock off 2 jars of ba-tempte a week..mainly half sours but in a pinch, the garlic dills.,
      we have a cat...he has HIV but for cats only..he doesn't eat anything but the Science diet..he cant smell any thing because of the FIV..toss him some raw beef, chicken or any cooked meat, he plays with it..cant smell it..wont eat it..I just discovered recently, after I have my usual 2 pickle ration each night,I put the saucer on the floor and my cat comes over and licks the pickle juice till the plate is dry..aint that a kick..and the little puss doesn't even look Jewish..

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      1. re: joe

        My sister lives in Houston and told me she finally
        found a kosher pickle just like my mom used to make.
        But, alas, I live in Arizona and have not been able
        to find these gems----do you know--or how can I find
        out where to get these fantasic pickles? Pleeeeeze

        1. re: joe

          Try the pickle shop in Fanualle (sp?) Market in Boston. It is worth a trip from Seattle, Kosher and Half Dill

          1. re: joe

            ...they are the best pickles...I just found them up here in Maine!
            I haven't had such a great pickle since i was a kid ...from Leshner's grocer in Mass. from the big old wooden barrels...SOUL FOOD...ahhhhh

            1. re: Carolyn

              I'm on the Atkins diet and eat these pickles as snacks -- the garlic dill Ba-Tempte are the best!! I go through 3 or so jars a week and wish I could buy them in bulk.

          2. Picklelicious in Teaneck has it all, Full, 1/2, 3/4, new, dill. hot & spicy, and horseraddish pickles. It's as good as it gets. Bergen Record gave it a 4Car rating(the highest rating)And it was worth every car!
            They ship worldwide 201 836-7800


            1. Actually Paterson Pickle used to supply Gus's. Your'e right, Paterson Pickles are the best, and they are back out at the street fairs again. You can't miss them. as they are a bit meshuga.