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Oct 30, 2002 02:21 PM

kosher supermarket

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Can anyone tell me what's the biggest, bestest kosher grocer in Manhattan? Which of the major chains carries the biggest selection of kosher goods? Thanks!

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  1. Biggest, bestest. Hmmm.
    The supermarkets in the heavily orthodox neighborhoods would be your best bets. The Key Food in Washington Heights (187th & Broadway) has a pretty generous selection, especially around the major holidays (even though they don't sell kosher pop-tarts--see above), but I can't speak for other Key Foods.

    Have you already visited Mezonot (sp?) on Columbus around 92nd St.? Bet in Brooklyn there are far superior places, but my helpfulness ends on the UWS.

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      Thanks for your help. I'll check these out. FYI, this is for a news report (Japanese TV)on the kosher food market. David

      1. re: david

        That's interesting! Is there a real interest in Japan about Kosher foods? In the US , of course, the interest in Kosher products way exceeds the Jewish population

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        On the upper west side in a very compact area, there are Mezonot (as mentioned above, but actually on Columbus between 93-94th street), Kosher Marketplace (Broadway between 90-91st) ,the kosher floor of Healthy Pleasures market (Broadway bewtween 92-93), and Supersol, (Amsterdam between 85-86)
        All four are smaller than supermarket size but all have exclusively kosher products including many Israeli imports. My preference these days is Healthy Pleasures, which is actually a huge mostly organic supermarket (and many of the vegetarian/ vegan products on the regular floor do have hechshers), but the kosher floor also has fresh meat, fish, prepared foods (including sushi)and the best prices around on dairy products. Lots of Israeli packaged and frozen foods

        1. re: NR

          before recommending a 'natural' supermarket like healthy pleasures you should run a goolge search. the union sq location scammed shoppers for a long time until the ny post ran an expose. it's from 2002 so its in the archives.

          incidentally the owner/manager's name is 'Omar Bashar'. i would be very wary of the conscience of an arab to uphold kosher to ny jews. there i said it.

          1. re: opinhasi

            Nothing like bringing up an old post. Healthy Pleasures and it's kosher floor closed years ago. The building has since been razed and is now either an Equinox gym or Petco.

      3. Although it certainly doesn't have everything, I find the Fairway supermarkets to be pretty good. I've been to the ones on 125th st., the low 70s, and the one in Red Hook. Decent selection of kosher meat and chicken, though the prices aren't as good as Boro Park.