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Oct 29, 2002 11:57 AM

Kosher precooked Thanksgiving food in West Palm Beach

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My in-laws live in West Palm Beach. They do not keep kosher but they buy kosher food for me when I visit. They will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. Are there any places that do good prepared kosher foods in West Palm Beach area?It would be great if they could buy traditional Thanksgiving food prepared (turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pareve pie, etc). They are gourmet eaters so the food needs to be high quality. I found one place called Glick's Glatt Mart on the web. Is anyone familiar with it? Thank you.

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  1. my grandparents live down the street from Glick's in West Palm and shop there all the time. I keep kosher and it really is a great market - clean, big and a huge selection. I'd bet a lot of money they will have plenty of Thanksgiving options. I highly recommend it. Hope that helps...