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Oct 26, 2002 05:48 PM

refried beans

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Does anyone know of kosher refried beans? It is one of the few foods the family misses since we started keeping kosher. If it makes any difference we live in Maryland.


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  1. I haven't found it either but it's probably easy enough to make yourself. I'm sure you can find a simple recipe for it on the 'net. Best wishes with your
    commitment to eating only holy (kosher) food! I went to Kosherfest recently and was really surprised at what's out there!


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    1. re: Amy

      Del David foods makes kosher refried beans
      Star K kashrus
      I buy them at Kosher club in Los Angeles

      1. re: Reuven

        How can I get this product none of the kosher stores in NYC are stocking it. Can I order it from the company?

      2. re: Amy

        Hi, I was wondering if I can order the Del David beans from you since we don't have them here in Tucson. This would be greatly appreciated. Thank,


      3. I was also hunting for kosher refried beans and I think I have found them at They are star-k (apparently the only ones available) If you don't live in the Seattle area (which I don't) you have to pay for shipping but a small price to pay to finally be able to get the beans!

        1. What's the difference between Mexican refried beans and middle-eastern fool/foul/full (none of these spellings avoids a negative connotation in English)? I've had refried beans once, at Polanco, the kosher Mexican restaurant which used to exist on Amsterdam Ave in NYC, and to me it tasted just like fool, which you can find at any number of middle-eastern places.

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          1. re: Zev Sero

            Mexicans traditionally fry them in lard.

            1. re: ironmom

              Well, any kosher version would certainly not do that. So if you're looking for kosher refried beans, how different are you expecting them to be from fool/foul/full?

          2. I have seen vegetarian/"fat free" refried beans. I'm not sure what exactly their status is, though. Any thoughts from the experts?


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              Celeste Kukla

              Yes, Eden Foods has six varieties if you can't find them at your local stores they have a e commerce website

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                Whole Foods carries "Amy's Kitchen" brand vegetarian refried beans. These carry a hechsher.