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Oct 20, 2002 01:52 PM


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I am a Chef and was recently asked to prepare chopped liver for a client. I am first generation American an have grown up eating chopped liver all my life. When i served it i served it with red horseradish and of course challah and rye. My client later asked me why i served the chopped liver with red horseradish is that not tradional or did only my mother do it?

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  1. I've never had any kind of horseradish with chopped liver, red or white. It might be just your family's tradition.

    1. I've never seen it served with horseradish either. In my experience, it's served straight up on bread on rye or crackers, (though challah sounds acceptable)or on a combination sandwich with tongue.

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        In my family, red chrain was served with gefilteh fish. White chrain may also be served with fish, but we liked it with gedempteh fleisch. With chopped liver, my mother served chopped egg whites as garnish; on top of a lettuce leaf, then a slice of tomato, and then the chopped liver. She would also have a few slices of sour pickle or some caper buds.

      2. I am a 65 year old man . As a kid I would eat dinner on the lower east side of NYC ( Delancey Street) with my family. Chopped Liver was always served with schmaltz and white radish , not horseradish.

        I have never heard of it being served with chrain.

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            A forkful of chopped liver. A thick slices of white radish, sprinkled with salt. Repeat.

          1. A lot of places/caters that aren't careful about separating meat and fish and/or the clients don't care will serve chopped liver and gefilte fish. The fish is always served with horseradish. Maybe you/your mother got confused and started serving the chopped liver with the horseradish.