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kosher whey protein

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  • Eli Oct 17, 2002 10:18 PM
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Does anyone know where I can find kosher whey protein powder? This is the type that can be mixed with water to make a protein shake. Thanks!

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  1. I found one protein brand (New Zealand's Clandeboye Whey protein) on the internet. They had an article on how this is the only kosher whey protein available, however I am having a hard time find a supplier. If you find it before I do please let me know. I am looking for it as well as I am a powerlifter and the soy protein does not do it for me.

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      there are commercial products available that contain whey protein. These products can be obtained at pharmacies
      1. PROMOD-pure whey OU
      2. PROCELL-pure whey OK
      3. BOOST HP-mix OU
      4. ENSURE HP-mix OU
      5. CASEC- calcium casenate

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        Yaacov Lefcoe

        What about chalav yisrael whey protein? Anyone heard of a product like that?

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        david goldenberg

        walgreens sells resource an instant whey medical food i use it for weight training there is a lot of kosher whey protein out there but its sold to manufacterers you have to buy a few hundred pounds of it go to google and put in kosher whey protein

      3. http://www.innerlife.org/



        1. These instant protein shake mixes which contain protein and all the essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced meal is Kosher, along with a number of vitamin supplements.


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            Try the following link (they also have chalav yisroel whey):