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Oct 17, 2002 10:18 PM

kosher whey protein

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Does anyone know where I can find kosher whey protein powder? This is the type that can be mixed with water to make a protein shake. Thanks!

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  1. I found one protein brand (New Zealand's Clandeboye Whey protein) on the internet. They had an article on how this is the only kosher whey protein available, however I am having a hard time find a supplier. If you find it before I do please let me know. I am looking for it as well as I am a powerlifter and the soy protein does not do it for me.

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      there are commercial products available that contain whey protein. These products can be obtained at pharmacies
      1. PROMOD-pure whey OU
      2. PROCELL-pure whey OK
      3. BOOST HP-mix OU
      4. ENSURE HP-mix OU
      5. CASEC- calcium casenate

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        Yaacov Lefcoe

        What about chalav yisrael whey protein? Anyone heard of a product like that?

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        david goldenberg

        walgreens sells resource an instant whey medical food i use it for weight training there is a lot of kosher whey protein out there but its sold to manufacterers you have to buy a few hundred pounds of it go to google and put in kosher whey protein

        1. These instant protein shake mixes which contain protein and all the essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced meal is Kosher, along with a number of vitamin supplements.

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