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Sep 1, 2002 01:25 PM

kosher alcohol

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Is Malibu rum kosher?

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  1. To someone who really cares, if it doesn't say so on the label then it probably isn't.

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    1. re: dude

      That is completely untrue. For years Hershey candies were under kosher supervision but did not put the certification symbol on the label.

      There are many products out there that are under reliable kosher supervision but for whatever reason do not advertise the fact on their packaging.

      1. re: baruch

        Also all beer is kosher yet doesn't have a certification on the label.

        1. re: Rachel Molly
          Moshe Horowitz

          NOT ALL BEER IS KOSHER!!!!!!

          One has to be concerned with specifically the "dark beers" as there are additives (e.g. grape skin +) as colorants which then makes the beers NOT kosher. There are also other starters in the dark beers that are also problematic.

          1. re: Moshe Horowitz

            first of all, according to the o-k and crc, ALL unflavored beers (icluding dark beers) are kosher. i am familiar with the beer brewing industry and the techniques used, and there is NO sheyla about dark beers. the darkness in beer is from the roasting of the barley and the type of yeast. sometimes they use caramel aswell.
            besides, grape skins wouldnt necessarilly be a kashrus issue.

        2. re: baruch
          Moshe Horowitz

          Baruch, the reason why Hershey didn't want to print the symbol is two fold. A. The company would be charged more by the kosher agency, which in fact did happen. B. Secondly, Hershey was afraid of what the arabs would say considering they had and still have excellent sales in the united arab emigrates.

          Companies just don't want to go to the added expense to make up new printing plates just to put on a kosher symbol. Many just have a 'generic K' which is worthless, but at least if you like what you see, you will call the company and ask who the supervision is.

          Kellogg's for years had a K and now they are going through new printing as the supervision has changed.

          What is your definition of reliable kosher supervision with something like 400 + symbols out there? Who do you ask: your rabbi, one of the organizations who have a vested interest as they too are a supervisory body, a friend, .....

        3. re: dude
          Moshe Horowitz

          To someone that cares there isn't always that glowing symbol on the bottle.

        4. b
          Ben Helmreich

          According to the Star-K website, all unflavored rums are kosher.