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Aug 30, 2002 12:14 PM

Break The Fast-Yom Kippur

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I am hosting a small break the fast (the hebrew word has escaped me at this second) @ my house. I no longer have my mother to ask for suggestions, so I thought I'd like to hear some of your menu suggestions.
Quick and easy! thanks

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  1. Being non-religious I'm hardly the expert, but my religious wife usually prefers to break the fast with a light dairy meal. Challah, some gefilte fish, maybe a hard boiled egg. It is probably a good idea to ease back into food with a couple of light meals that evening before resuming one's normal diet the next day.

    1. yogurt is traditional amoung some arab jewish communities. in part because it is light. it makes nutritional sense. raita would be good. or mango lassi's perhaps.

      1. Traditionally, the Yom Kippur fast is ended with a meal which is easy to digest, not too strenuous on the system and not difficult to prepare.

        It is customary to serve hard boiled eggs, which symbolize life. The main meal will often consist of smoked fish, Lake Superior Whitefish or smoked trout, sable, etc. Lox, bagels, cream cheese, assorted cheeses like muenster & swiss. You will also find an assortment of good olives, sliced tomato, onion and cucumber. When I prepare this meal, I also like to include a blintz souflée (find a recipe on or on the blintz box), or a kugel of noodles, raisins and cottage cheese. If you want a fabulous Jewish cookbook for holiday entertaining, check out Marlene Sorosky cookbook for Jewish Holidays and Festivals.

        I hope this has been helpful. L'Shana Tova!

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          Moshe Horowitz

          As the expression goes, "Live and Learn."

          The body is made up of over 75% liquid and that precious liquid needs to be replaced that is if you fasted without eating or drinking for 25 hours.

          One should break the fast with preferably a liquid. Orange juice would be good as it boosts the system with natural sugars.

          Dipping a hard boiled egg in ashes before the fast on Tisha B'Av begins is what is customary NOT on exiting Yom Kippur.

          Breaking the fast with a dairy meal or a parve 'neutral' meal is preferable as meat shows richness and haughtiness and that is what we are tryng not to be.

        2. maybe it's obvious but juicey things like fruit (lychees, though they might be out of season, melon, etc.) and beverages are definitely in order for people who haven't had any liquids for 24 hours. especially this year as it might be warmer because it's "early".

          l'shanah tovah.

          1. Last year we had about 20 people for a break fast and I served:

            blintz souffle
            bagels with all the fixins
            smoked gouda and spinach souffle


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              Karen M. Roughton

              I've been looking for a recipe for smoked gouda and spinach souffle and I found your web site. Can you share it with me please?