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Aug 25, 2002 07:26 PM


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recomendations for carry out food for rosh hashana.central london if possible. lashana tova

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  1. I am assuming you mean London, England - might be worth posting on the international board if that is the case. Meanwhile - depending on how observant you are, and whether you adhere ot a strict definition of Kosher - the following places have "kosher" sections but are not exclusively kosher by any stretch - they have excellent take-away. Selfridges; Reubens on Baker Street; and Henry Morgans - I think it's Henry - on St John's Wood high street. If you are looking for something more 'elegant', you might want to contact the restaurant Six-Thirteen, behind Selfridges, as they may either be able to prepare something for you, or make suggestions as to where else you might go.