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Jun 29, 2002 06:02 PM

Sabrett in Texas

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Does anyone know where I can get Sabrett (Pushcart type)hotdogs in the Austin or better yet the San Antonio, Texas area?
Thanks in advance,

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  1. There's gotta be more interesting and tasty treats to seek out and enjoy in Texas than a lousy Dirty Water Jersey Dog(Sabretts). No?

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    1. re: 2chez mike

      Not many things are more pleasing than a N.Y./N.J. all beef hot dog! And who says that they have to be dirty water dogs? The high quality franks served at Papaya King, Gray's Papaya, and Katz's Deli are all Sabrett's franks that have been slow cooked on a griddle. I don't know where in Texas you can buy them, but you can get them shipped to you. Go to I would suggest that you get them with the natural casing. Boiled are ok; but they are better cooked slowly on a griddle.

      1. re: John Fox

        Thanks for the info.
        I will have then delivered.

        1. re: Michael Jay

          You can buy them in the grocery store. Here in Dallas they are sold at Sprout's-Arizona chain and Hebrew National are sold at Target and at Tom Thumb. I could go for a Sabrett right about now.

        2. re: John Fox
          Darryl T. Williams

          I don't know if the Shoprite supermarket chain has any locations in the Lone Star state, but they carry a natural casing frankfurter called Black Bear Brand. Again, they can only be bought at Shoprite in their deli section.I've been a Sabrett fan for years, but Black Bear in my opinion has them beat !!! Regards... DTW

          1. re: Darryl T. Williams

            Funny you should mention Black Bear! I've just done a taste test with Black Bear, Sabrett, and Dietz and Watson New York Style All Beef Weiners. I picked both over the Sabrett. The frank from Dietz and Watson has a similar label to Black Bear and the EXACT same ingredient listing in the same order! I believe one may be a knock off of the other. These 2 are so similar in taste that it's hard to tell the difference. The one thing about the Dietz and Watson is that it cooks so fast on the griddle and leaves a lot of grease/residue. Does anyone have an idea why? It is a quality product costing $4.99 per lb; and that is on sale.

            I love the kosher or kosher style all beef dogs. The franks with pork, which I know most people on this board do not eat, are good also; but with a different taste and less aggressive spicing. I have yet to find an authentic kosher dog with a casing. Most casings are not kosher, but I believe a collagen casing would be allowed.

            The best tasting all beef dog in my opinion is from Usinger's in Milwaukee. They have a certified angus frank which beat out 20 other brands to be selected to be served at the Olympic Games. Then I like the Dietz and Watson and Black Bear brands followed by Sabrett. Grote & Weigel from Conn. and Best's from Newark also make quality all beef franks.

          2. re: John Fox

            There is a Katz deli in Houston near Montrose.It may have sabretts sorry about the the kosher thing

          3. re: 2chez mike

            It would sen you have never been to Texas OR have eaten a Sabrett Hot Dog..

            1. re: 2chez mike

              Your comment can only mean you've NEVER had one.

              1. re: socratesmentor

                I grew up in NJ. I've had hundreds of Sabrett's.

                1. re: 2 chez mike

                  I was born in Buffalo, grew up in Syracuse and lived in NYC for 25 years. Hofmann's Franks from Syracuse beat the pants off of Sabrett's and Hebrew National. Please note, I LOVE Sabrett's & HN.

              2. re: 2chez mike

                Texas has great BBQ, Tex-Mex and steak. Occasionally, you can find some interesting food derived from German or Eastern European settlers. As it becomes more sophisticated and urban and less Texas, other things are coming here, too. But that's really about it.

                1. re: MikeFromNYC

                  I sell sabretts out of our food trailer at 8000 shoal creek blvd Austin, TX. we are called hot dogs n' stuff and are located right outside the lowes exit door. They are skinless.

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                  1. Central Market on Lover's in Dallas used to sell them on weekends in a cart by the olives. I swore it was Sabrett's with that onion sauce. I think CM might still sell Sabrett products. I love the Recession Special at Gray's Papaya in NYC. Those funny drinks taste like the old Orange Julius.

                    Someone mention Usinger. Doesn't Usinger make a really good bacon? I've heard of Usinger before, but not for their hot dogs.

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                    1. re: jindomommy

                      They have Sabrett's (uncooked) at Central Market in SA

                    2. In addition to having Sabrett's at Central Market, one can also find Sabrett brand onions in sauce. Good stuff. You will find it close to the deli counter.

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                      1. re: grbh

                        NY Hotdogs is San Antonio’s newest cafe in town and the only place to get a Sabrett, NY’s number one hotdog. Wondering what a Sabrett hotdog is, well it’s a hotdog made from select cuts of beef that snaps when you bite into it and are sold by the pushcarts in New York under the famous blue and yellow umbrellas. Ask any New Yorker, "What's a Sabrett?" and they will quickly answer "The best tasting hot dog in the world!"
                        Charles Bailey, a retired U.S. Army, first brought Sabretts to San Antonio. In 2006 he realized his boyhood dream and purchased a hotdog pushcart. On the weekends he would drive around the Northwest area, and set up at local neighborhood parks. He was such a hit that people began to hire him and his pushcart for birthdays and corporate special events.
                        In December 2008, Charles and his wife Lupita decided to remodel her Hair Salon into a dual business concept, where he operates NY hotdogs from the front and she continues to cut hair in an enclosed area in the back. Now, they are able to spend more quality time together and share in their dreams of being sole proprietors.
                        January 2009 was NY Hotdog’s first full month of business and customer traffic is picking up. For now Charles is happily living the American dream but is waiting for Spring to come when he will be able to interact with park goers and promote his newest endeavor NY Hotdogs.

                        NY hotdogs is located at 7715 Mainland suite 121, San Antonio, Texas 78250.
                        Charles Bailey can be reached at 210-521-4202