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Jun 13, 2002 06:10 PM

Gus's Pickles and The Pickle Guys

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Gus's new address is 85/87 Orchard Street. The temporary cell phone number is 516-642-2634. They don't have phone lines yet.

The Pickle Guys- some of Gus's ex employees are located at 49 Essex St. They have been open two weeks and don't have phone lines or credit card capability yet but will by the end of June 2002. Their prices are a bit lower than Gus's.

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  1. r
    Rachel Kobren

    How do "The Pickle Guy's" pickles compare to Gus's? Any one know the store hours? Is Gus officially open for business yet?

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    1. re: Rachel Kobren

      Guss is definately open. He's actually been open for awhile - just in different places...but the last time I rode by the guy there said he had definately settled.

      The Pickle Guys are ok. Not near as good as Guss, but from what I uncerstand, they don't make them themselves, they buy em from a place in NJ.

      1. re: Karen Ginlee

        In regards to Guss and Pickle Guys, I would agree that Pickle Guys have the edge. You're right. They do get them from New Jersey, from a company called Paterson Pickle Company, who sell wholesale. But recently, they've been doing retail all around Manhattan. These guys are the real deal and fun to watch. i called them 973-523-1000.. and they told me they were gonna be on 27th and 3rd ave this sunday 10/27... and i think next sunday at a fair on broadway and 20th street.

        1. re: stephen
          John Frankenburg

          Can anyone provide a good phone number and address for Gus's Pickles or the Pickle Guys. I am in NYC this weekend Nov 1-3 and want to take some back to DC.

          Any help is appreciated.


    2. I've been to both a couple of times over the summer & although I hate to admit it, I prefer The Pickle Guys over Guss. Their pickles are as good as Guss before the move & cheaper than Guss after the move. Guss is not only more expensive, but not as good as they were before they lost their lease (although still better than most).

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      1. re: DH

        On average I have to agree with you. The Pickle Guys products were a bit inconsistent at first but now are pretty good. I don't care for Gus's products at all anymore. Or for the guy working there.

        1. re: DH

          Does anyone have Web Sites for either.

        2. m
          miguel vargas

          Hey I worked for Tim Baker@ Guss Pickles and I also know Al Kaufman. They are best friends and should remain like that. Tim should be happy for Al. Al was a loyal employee for Guss Pickles for many years. People should mind their business.

          1. We found these pickles and the jalapeno stuffed olives on a recent trip to New York and loved them.
            Does anyone know where we can get these items in England?
            Thank you.