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Jun 4, 2002 11:24 PM

Kosher Hot Dogs

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I love Kosher Hot Dogs; especially Shofar brand. I am not familiar with the Kosher Laws; but I know that a hog's casing would be prohibited. Is there any such prohibition against a natural sheep casing or a collagen casing? I love a natural casing on my hot dog, but have yet to see a Kosher dog with one.

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  1. No kashrut law against natural casing. In fact, Kishke, or stuffed derma is traditionally wrapped in a natural casing. Very hard to find nowadays with the commercial products.

    As for the hot dogs, this too is hard to find. I have never seen a commercially available brand that has them on the east coast. However, I have seen hot dogs with natural casings at local kosher butcher shops. If there is one in your area, you can try there.

    1. I assume you are unaware that a a casing is an INTESTINE! Otherwise you would not be so eager to eat one and you would be happy with your properly Koshered hot dog. The word "casing" is just a gentile ploy to make people eat intestines - don't fall for it!

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        Huh? Don't you know what kishke means?

      2. The original comment has been removed