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Jun 3, 2002 04:37 PM


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I've heard some conflicting things on Levana on W 69th in NYC. What can fellow hounds tell this relatively new UWSider about Levana?

Link: http://www.jewishsports.com

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    Bride of the Juggler

    Best kosher restaurant I've ever been to. Quality of the food is the same as high-end nonkosher places. I made a pilgrimage there from Philly and had the sampler plate with venison, venison sausage, duck, and quail. It was amazing. And really, you can't get this stuff kosher anywhere else. I found the quality of the cooking and presentation much higher than La Marais. Service was good, although it did have a bit of an ambiance problem with kids running around the night I was there.

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      Do they have goose on the menu?

      1. re: DeisCane
        Bride of the Juggler

        Yes they do. Here's their web site which includes the menu.

        Link: http://www.levana.com/lev-menu.htm

    2. Try Tevere on E.84th between Lex and 3rd. Far better than Levana in my opinion, both in terms of food and ambiance ....