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Apr 17, 2002 08:05 PM

Borekas in Mass.

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Anybody know where to get authentic borekas in Mass?

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  1. They have borekas at Rami's, 2 locations -- one on Harvard Ave. in Brookline near Coolidge Corner, the other one in Framingham, right off the highway. They also have prepared borekas to take home at the Butcherie, a little farther down Harvard Ave. away from Coolidge Corner.

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      Moshe Horowitz

      Check for kashrut at the Butcherie. Caveat Emptor!!!

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      sherri cohen

      this ones easy. The only authentic borekas in massachusetts is at Rami's, 324 Harvard St, Brookline or he now has a restaurant on route 30 in Framingham, Ma.