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Mar 21, 2002 01:03 PM

Veggie Matzoh Ball Soup

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Does anyone have reccomendations on how to make a good veggie soup base that is good for pessah? The matzoh balls are easy... its making a good fresh soup base for the balls that is tricky! No chicken! No fake-parve-chicken flavored powder!

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  1. There's a website from a Utah Hillel...they have a recipe for an interesting and yummy un-chicken soup. It uses tumeric to give it it's yellow color.

    Check it out on their site:

    Wishing you a peaceful Passover,

    1. how do you make matsoh balls without schmaltz?

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        Any good vegetable oil will do. For flavor, mix in a little of the soup, including bits of mushed-up carrot and parsley.

      2. I made matzoh ball soup this week using a basic mix (olive oil instead of shmaltz) and for the soup, I used an Asian vegetable broth from my local Vietnamese grocery. I went on the assumption that it was parva and because there were no beans or legumes in the ingredient list, I think it is kosher for Passover. Fantastic flavor!

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          Sounds great. I will certainly look for an Asian soup mix next year. Is there a particular brand you recommend? My Passover soup would probably have been better if I had had a base for the broth. BTW, I am greatful for this discussion and the link provided within this thread. (I and my family have been moving our Seder in a more vegetarian direction every year.)

          I followed the Utah Hillel matzah ball soup recipe included in the link using a combination of coconut butter and xtra virgin olive oil to approximate schmaltz. I highly recommend trying those ingredients. Olive oil adds flavor and coconut butter adds an almost decadent texture. Never made the knaidles before, but they truly turned out amazingly tasty and tender. They were good cold too.

          Thank you for the tip, and happy Passover.