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Mar 19, 2002 11:55 AM

chocolate matzoh

  • k

Does anyone have a good recipe for hummus in large quantities? I'm doing a kiddush lunch for about 250 people. Also, anyone have a recipe for chocolate matzoh? (That's just for the family, not 250 people).

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  1. Can't help with the hummus for 250 but...

    Do a google search for "chocolate matzo* recipe"! There's recipes for chocolate matzoh torte and matzoh dipped in dark chocolate, and this attached recipe which sounds similar to the stuff my sister brought at Passover last year. It's chocolate on top of butterscotch on top of matzoh...(I'm afraid to recommend any untested recipe again, but you'll get the idea.)

    Our favorite, incredibly easy Passover dessert is a pressed macaroon crust with a fudge filling--decadent and great enough to serve all year. Very easy too. If you want it and I can find it to paraphrase for you, it's yours.


    1. The SF Chronicle ran a few chocolate matzo recipes last week. See Link below.