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Mar 17, 2002 11:40 AM

any good kosher wine discoveries of late?

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It's passover time, i.e. time to find some good kosher wines. Help wanted. All I know is Herzog and that M word which I won't mention.

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  1. I just read about a kosher Australian Shiraz called Teal Lake in the newest issue of Bon Appetit. They gave it a good write up.

    I live in Albuquerque and called all the local wine shops to no avail. Nobody here has ever heard of it. I don't know where you live, but if you find it, please report back!

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    1. re: Deb E.

      The following link is to an article re Passover wines from today's Boston Globe:


      1. re: Deb E.

        I've had the Teal Lake Shiraz and found it to be disconcertingly pruney. I wouldn't seek it out.

        1. re: Marty L.

          Thanks for the tip about the Teal lake. Apparently it isn't available here anyway. Have you tried the Fortant merlot? I can get that one here in the land of gentiles!

          Deb..... in Albuquerque

          1. re: Deb E.

            I've tried the Fortant de France Merlot. This wine is clean, somewhat fruit-forward, mellow and inoffensive, but it is boring in that way that supermarket Merlot can often be. I wouldn't highly recommend it, but it is drinkable. For the same price in Kosher Merlot, I prefer the Alfasi Reserve from Chile.

            If you are looking for more options, try the following link:


            This is a page on the website of Royal Wines Corp., which is the largest kosher wine distributor in the U.S. If you enter your zip code, the site will tell you the nearest shop that sells wines distributed by Royal. Good luck!

            1. re: Marty L.

              It has gotten to the point that I just try and find a palatable kosher for wine for the seder...since most of the participants don't care that much and any really good stuff is more money than I care to spend for the seders.

              The Fortant du France is adequate--as Marty L. said. I had some sitting for a year in my basement and it was significantly better a year later. Another decent choice is from the Italian producer, Citra.

              I usually can find them at Magruder's at Chevy Chase Circle--for $7 to $8 a bottle. (I am going wine shopping I will send a report.)

              If you are interested in the widest selection that I know of in the DC area, you should go to Georgetown; Potomac Wine and Spirits on M Street has a nice selection from many nations--including kosher Chianti and Barbera.

              Jim Zurer
              Washington DC

              1. re: Jim Zurer

                try queen anne liquors in teaneck-they also have website

        1. While I haven't tried the current vintage, the kosher cuvee from Bunyan in Bandol (predominantly Mourvedre from Provence) has been very good in the past.

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            Neil Leibowitz

            Nebbiolo from Bartenura -
            Amazing, delicious,
            NOT mevushal, but that shouldn't matter to most people, because on Pesach, your eating at home, and serving yourself.

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            1. re: Neil Leibowitz

              great. i love all things nebbiolo. is it a hard one to find? I'm in NYC. also, what price range are we talking about? i know that region is way inflated...or can be anyway.


            2. There was an interesting article in Wednesday's Newark Star-Ledger re Passover wines. Here's the link: