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Mar 12, 2002 07:37 PM

Kosher for Passover Breakfast Cereal in NY

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Where in either Brooklyn or Manhattan is there a market that carries kosher for Passover breakfast cereal? I am specifically looking for Manishewitz Honey Stars or Frosted Flakes.

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  1. A place named Kosher Corner has re-stocked their entire store to be completely filled ONLY with Kosher for Passover items. They are located at 492 Kings Highway (between McDonald Ave & East 2nd)in Flatbush. Their number is 718-375-3442 and the owner is Mr. Yehuda Cohen,a tzadik and a very sweet man. Tell him the lovely and radiant yiddishe maidel from the OU sent you. They have every Passover food made from Israel and the U.S.

    A chag kasher v'sameach to all, Peace to Am Yisroel and Moshiach now!

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      Moshe Horowitz

      I just love when people throw around names like "Tzzadik" and Talmid Chacham" as though they were Charlie or Shloimy.

      Please realize that the cereals are made from NON-SHMURA matza for all of you Tzadeekem out there. Secondly, OU products are NOT - Mehadrin.

      If you are going to observe Pesach the way it is supposed to be observed - stay away from non-shmura products. Most matza meals out there are non-shmura.

      CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!Be sure that the matza that you intend to buy coming in from Israel has a good Hechsher from Israel (an Israel based hechsher) DO NOT RELY ON THE O.U. they don't live there 365 days a year.

    2. don't do it! the best pesach cereal is matza farfel with two teaspoons of sugar and milk. my kids teens and twenty won't eat the fake cereals anymore.