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Mar 12, 2002 04:33 PM


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Many years ago my wife's family went to Bloch and Falk in Washington Heights for Kosher wurst...a necessity for pea soup. Alas since they closed I have not found a good substitute. Any suggestions?

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  1. First off, don't be cookin' any pea soup for Passover unless you're Sephardic(since peas are considered kitniot)!

    If it is not prohibited for you to eat kitniot and your jazzin' to make some pea soup w/ wurst, try calling Long Island Glatt on 181 St. in Washington Heights. I think they've got it. Otherwise, perfect your matzo ball making skills.

    Happy Cooking!

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      Thanks Amy
      I won't worry about Pesach until Sunday.
      Pea soup is a year round pleasure, matzoh balls are an eight day burden.

      1. re: amy

        Ugh. Your self-righteous answer to JF's question could incite a pogrom. Keep your holier-than-though attitudes off this board and answer questions with factual information, if you have any.

        1. re: Ugh

          But that WAS a factual response.

          If someone is trying to prepare food for Passover but might unknowingly prepare it w/ a prohibted ingredient, I feel bit of responsibility bringing that to their attention. Not in a screaming or condecsending way (G-d forbid), but in order to be helpful. Whether they want to follow that information or look into it further is completely up to them.
          Unfortunatly, using one's wit and sarcasm in the process doesn't always translate well through e-mail messeges. And for that, I apologize. Until next time... chag kasher v'sameach Pesach to you!!!


      2. I completely commiserate with your wife and her family. For years, our family loyally patronized Bloch & Falk, enjoying their high quality, authentic, and delicious kosher wurst. My efforts to find an alternative have included visits to Amsterdam (where kosher wurst can be had, but not quite up to the standards of B&F) and conversations with the previous owners of B&F about the possibility of buying their recipes. An obsessive attachment to B&F's aufshnitz? Perhaps. Unfounded and misguided? Absolutely not!

        In response to your specific question, there's a company in the Bronx, Abeles & Heyman that makes a decent kosher ringwurst (i.e., the type of wurst you'd place in pea soup). Alternatively, their products are available at both Zabar's and the Kosher Marketplace, both on the west side of Manhattan.

        Please let me know if your travels unearth any excellent alternatives to the hallowed Bloch and Falk z"l.


        1. Hi Joel & All. The Memories of Bloch & Falk is a fond one. My parents used to go there when I was a child in Washington Heights. I have not in all my years fond any Kosher German Deli, like Bloch & Falk made.
          Good luck with your search. If I shouls find one I'll be sure to post it to the board.
          Lenny Waller

          1. What kind of pea soup has wurst in it? How do you make it? I'm intrigued and a little bit frightened.

            1. yummy pea soup with worscht.

              Blooms worscht is best but it is sadly not sold in the USA.

              use dried green split peas.