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Jan 14, 2002 11:17 AM

Kosher Meat

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Does anyone know of any good distributors of kosher meat for the United States? A lond standing Canadian company Levitts Kosher Foods wants to export to the U.S

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  1. You could call AgriProcessors in Postville, Iowa... they are the largest distributor of kosher chicken and turkey.


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      In the Mid-West we used to have tons of delis, etc., that carried meats from "Kosher Zion". If anyone has any knowledge of that company (probably now defunct) or one that perhaps bought it out, please e-mail me. I've found that the Mid-West flavors of corned beef and pastrami (I understand centered in Iowa and Chicago) are nothing like those of NYC and Montreal. In fact, I don't even begin to like those east coast products, and now I'm living in West Palm Beach, where about all you can find is the NYC/MQ stuff. Yuck. You all know, when you're raised on particular things and love them you want them forever. Forever IS a long time and rather impossible, I know. Best wishes to everyone. Shalom in this terrible time.