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Dec 2, 2001 08:44 PM

kosher brie

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A friend of mine from rochester,ny asked if i knew of a store or website that sells kosher brie..any suggestions?..thanks

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  1. not in rochester most likely. I grew up there and kosher products are abundant in some respects but there isn't a great selection of dairy stuff. There used to be a kosher dairy store (very very tiny) on Monroe ave. I don't remeber the name, but it was near a radio shack and a store that sells angel stuff.... So perhaps they would have something.
    But the great thing about rochester is Wegmans. Wegmans is this huge grocery store chain that really really caters to its clients and I know from past experience that even just one suggestion in teh comment box about products that people want and contact information of the the person making suggstion will get the Wegman's people to contact them!
    I knew of some people who wanted more isreali products and the Wegmans folks brought them in and let them pick two dozen items from catalogs and took suggestions for stuff that wasn't in the catalogs. A few weeks later the stuff was on the shelves.
    And my own experience was being in teh Asian foods aisle and looking for a type of canned mushroom. It wasn't there and the dept. manager asked me for more info on the product. A month later I was in the same aisle and three different brands of those canned mushrooms were on the shelf!!
    if kosher brie becomes availbile in rochester I would love to know. please email me.
    ~simona loberant

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      I found kosher brie at Zabar's on UWS. I think there has also been kosher brie at Fairway on broadway. Finally, the new kosher market on 94th/bway may have it.

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        The Gourmet Garage on Broadway and 96th has a complete kosher cheese section.


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          Whoops....sorry. I just found out that GG's kosher section is no more.