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Nov 8, 2001 09:41 AM

bleu cheese

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is there any kosher bleu cheese in america?

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  1. Sorry Jay. To the best of my knowledge, the bleu cheese that had the hashgacha (supervision by a kosher certifying agency) which was previosly made under the OU, is no longer doing so. As far as I know, the company that produced it still makes the cheese but it is now "unholy".

    1. It's available. But, it's very sad. Very Bleu.

      1. Whether or not ANY cheese is kosher has nothing to do with having pork in it (ha ha). Many Cheeses are made with animal rennet--this is an essential part of the cheese making process--and this originates in the intestines of animals. Doing this violates the prohibition on mixing dairy with meat, which is the very core of the kosher food laws.

        In addition, for any food product anywhere to be certified as kosher, its production must be supervised by a Mashgiach--someone who has received Rabbinical training in the kosher food laws in a Yeshivah, and has been certified by the proper authorities (this can be a man or a woman). This has nothing to do with holiness. It has to do with ensuring that all of the kosher food laws are being followed.

        My source on this info is my husband, who has been a Mashgiach for the past 40 years.

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          Making cheese with animal rennet does *not* violate the prohibition on mixing meat with dairy. But the rennet must be made from a kosher animal.

          Also, all rennet, whether derived from animals or not, must be added to the mix by a Jew.

          1. re: zsero

            Yes, correct. And the milk must be certified to be from a kosher animal--cow, sheep, goat. This isn't an issue here or in other Ashkenazic communities, but it very much is is countires where camel and horse milk are used--both are un-kosher animals. Hence the need for Cholov Israel, a certification that the milk is 100% from kosher animals.
            There is no reason at all why there is no excellent kosher blue cheese in America. It is simply a matter of supply and demand.

            1. re: swannee

              Yup there's lots of stuff that could be kosher without any substitution but just isn't done...outside of Crown Heights/Pardes :)

        2. Does it have to actually be French? The Cheese Guy does a couple of blue cheeses, and there's a brand I've seen around called Danablu. I've seen these at a variety of places in the NY area (you'll need somewhere with a decent cheese selection, though). Or are you referring to dressing, as some people below seem to think?

          1. There is also the widely available Point Reyes Original Blue, under the K-ORC certification.