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Nov 5, 2001 06:58 PM


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One of Chowhound's favorite chocolates is now certified kosher. The complete press release is linked below.


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  1. Good!

    I noticed that Fran's chocolates stopped carrying Kaf-K some time back.

    Nothing compares to Toblerone, of course.

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    1. re: Lev N. Tien

      I love Toblerone too, but you'll change your mind once you try this baby.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Is Scharffen Berger Swiss? German? No matter how good the American chocolate, I always find the European (especially the Swiss and Belgian) are superior. Has something to do with the microgranularity produced by the machines...the Europeans make the microparticles smaller.

        Even though Godiva has an OU, you can tell the difference of the US-produced Godiva from the European chocolates.

        Will try Sharffen, it can't be too bad!!

        1. re: Lev N. Tien
          Melanie Wong

          This link to the company's site may interest you.


          1. re: Melanie Wong

            The company sent me this info on how to tell if an unlabeled product currently on shelves has a hechsher:

            Some of the product now on the shelves were certified kosher before the labeling was ready. The best way to check is to record the batch number -- located inside the flap of the home chef baking bars, no batch numbers on the other products -- and send an email to about the specific item you're interested in checking regarding KSA status. You can also order directly from the website, or call 1.510.981.4053 and speak to someone in Customer Service at the factory.

    2. Here's a good place to review what my Opa sells;
      note that O-U is only on a minority of products.

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      1. re: Joe Berger

        I will be atrending the fancy food show next week and will find out what scharffen berger products are under the OU-my hunch is all of them since they were bought by hersheys

        1. re: alyssa

          alyssa, when you attend the show can you ask them when their 1oz bulk packaged products will get an OU on them? that's the best way to dose daily Flavonoids for heart health, and still get their product at a discount. also see if they have any "key code"s that will unlock additional discounts when ordering from their web sight.

          another premium Kosher chocolate to consider is;
          Bonnat Chocolate from France