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Nov 5, 2001 02:57 PM

Where can I get high quality kosher foie gras for cooking?

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any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Holy Moses! A kosher foie gras does exsist!! It's made by a company called French Delice, you can contact them at

    It's kosher status is well respected so feel free to invite your Hasidic friends and neighbors to your meal.


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    1. re: amy

      Now THIS is top-notch information! I'd never even thought about kosher fois gras but I'll bet it is damned good!

      thanks for a new gustatory toy!

      1. re: Hazelhurst

        Thanks for the compliment! I've got the scoop (and the chic-est shabbat dinners in town too). It feels good to eat well and get "brownie points" for doing it too!

        1. re: Amy

          Not what you're asking, but I had fabulous fois gras at the Jerusalem Hilton. May be a little bit out of the way for you, however.

          I think I read a Wall St Journal article once about Israel being the #2 source of fois gras in the world.

          Of course, knowing how it's produced and matching that ethically with kashrut is another story...

          1. re: Lev N. Tien

            Just to make you foie gras fans jealous, my wedding was at Gundel Restaurant in Budapest, one of the finest restaurants in Europe. Our appetizer included incredible goose liver that I can still taste (in a good way:-). Oh yeah, everything was kosher!:-)

            Does anyone know what stores in NYC import this felice stuff?

      2. re: amy

        you can have more information about cans of kosher foie gras on this web site:

        1. re: amy

          buy kosher foie gras at Marky's Caviar store at 687 NE 79th Street Miami. More information at or 1-800-722-8427