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Oct 21, 2001 03:48 PM

Brooklyn Park Slope

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I live far away from my sweet 'baby' daughter who lives in Park Slope in Brooklyn. Of course i worry that she eats enough !!) and I would like to find a good kosher deli or restaurant in the neighborhood--so I can order once in while a barbecued chicken or some yummy deli to be delivered to her. Is there such a thing?? All suggestions appreciated by a 'Jewish Father' with a graduate degree in worry....

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  1. If you're set on a chicken, you may have difficulty--this is a fairly vegetarian neighborhood. But there's a new kosher dairy place, Seven Tents, 718.499.2169, which bills itself as a Kosher Gourmet Pizza and Vegetarian Cafe, and they deliver.

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      Bert in Arizona

      Thank you Janet for your caring and suggestion!


      1. re: Janet
        Stephanie Leveene

        I haven't seen Seven Tents open in weeks--it's shuttered every time I pass by that corner. Don't know what happened to it.

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          I was afraid of that--after I posted I went out to see if I could get a current menu, and it was shut, but it was also Sunday, late PM.
          Another possibility for this devoted dad (and I'm just not familiar, being a veg) is a kosher caterer, who obviously deliver everywhere when there's a shiva or a bris.

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            This strange restaurant, much hated by its neighbors, is definitively gone. Had a federal marshals notice on the door and rumor is the former tenants owe the landlord $70,000. since they were incompetent restauranteurs, with a dirty floor, major garbage handling issues and seemingly little interest in actually serving food (the one time I went in, I couldnt attract anyone to serve me) they were no loss.

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        Baby Daughter in Brooklyn

        Actually, I'd say you have a Ph.D. in worry (you've always been an over-achiever)!!
        While I, of course, don't answer the door for strangers...I have no problem whatsover with delivery boys!!

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          Bert in Arizona

          Check th e place out--if it is good let me know and I'll set up a charge account for you!


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            I'll do that and let you know how it is.
            Your the best!

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          Barry Strugatz

          If you have the bucks send her fruit from the
          best fruit store in the city at The Orchard
          on Coney Island Ave. They will deliver fruit by the pound as well as party platters. Delivery is free
          but the prices are high.

          1. I don't know about Park Slope, Brooklyn, but in Brighton Beach we had a couple of food delivery services with cutesy-bordering-on-precious names like Takeout Taxi and Shnella Shmos, which did deliveries from various restaurants in the neighbourhood for a nominal ($5 or so) charge.

            There was a LOT of kosher food because...well... it's Brighton Beach. I would suspect you can probably get something like this in Park Slope as well.

            1. I just discovered Chowhound, and this thread, so
              sorry for the very late response, but I live in
              Park Slope, so here's the definitive answer:
              There is *nothing* kosher in the Slope. There was
              Seven Tents for a while, but it wasn't run like a
              business, and in short order it went out of business.

              Tea For Two, on Kings Highway, is apparently interested
              in opening a place in the Slope, and was looking at
              renting the location where Seven Tents used to be,
              but the last I heard is that that's going to be a
              furniture store, and T42 will have to find another
              suitable location.

              A kosher deli would do very well in the Slope, provided
              it was run by someone who knew what they were doing.
              Anyone know a of *good* kosher deli owner who is
              looking to expand into a new neighborhood?

              BTW, check out Congregation Bnai Jacob, the only
              Orthodox shul in Park Slope. URL below (now I'll
              see how this thing works...)