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Sep 24, 2001 01:49 PM


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Is it kosher?

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  1. If the fish it comes from is kosher then the caviar is kosher.


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    1. re: Deven Black

      In that case, would anyone know if any of those species of kosher fish produce roe that would be sold under the catchall "caviar"?

      1. re: MRM

        How about salmon caviar?

        1. re: MRM

          the only caviar which can be sold legaly in the U S and use only the name the caviar made from sturgeon any other fish made into a caviar must contain the the name of the fish from which the eggs have been taken

      2. Sturgeon, which is the primary source for fancy caviar, is not kosher. No scales.

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        1. re: MU

          Sturgeon do have scales, it is the type of scales which the sturgeon have that makes the fish not kosher

        2. I recently went to Caviarteria in Las Vegas and had a selection of caviars from kosher fish, which included salmon roe, trout roe, and pike roe. This was the first time I ever saw pike roe. These and the whitefish rose Season brand makes that sells in most supermarkets are the only kinds of roes from kosher fish I've ever seen.

          Caviarteria has a web site you can order from and locations in NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, and Beverly Hills.

          In answer to your follow-up question, I read that the term caviar is supposed to apply only to eggs from sturgeon and all others are referred to as roe.
          Thank you.