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Aug 22, 2001 10:00 PM

kosher cafe - brooklyn

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i took a shot at this very dingy looking trailer on flushing ave. i am not kosher ,but the noodle kugel might be the best i ever ate or at least remember eating. .

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  1. Could you give a more specific location? Was the kugel dairy, parve, or meat? Which Brooklyn neighborhood were you in?

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    1. re: Rachel Molly

      it is opposite the brooklyn navy yard .i believe on flushing ave and about hall st.

      1. re: rosen

        Where can I get a picture of a Kugel because i am doing a how to paper on it and for my title page I need to get apciture of it except I don't want to maek it just for the picture. E-mail me when u get this! Thanx!

        1. re: Rebecca

          There's a picture of a piece of noodle kugel at the following link: