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Jul 3, 2001 10:29 PM

kosher caterer

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i am looking for a kosher catererin the plainview or rhe massapequa area. any suggestions would be appricated

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  1. Many kosher caterers will travel around in the New York area. Foremost is based in New Jersey, but I know they travel around "the Island." They are coming to CT to cater my wedding. Their food is truly delicious! (no kugels or roasted chicken)

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      I need a kosher caterer for a summer tour i want to run for 6 weeks next summer. Glatt kosher and good food.

    2. Prestige Caterers, based in NY, travel all over. They did my wedding in Philadelphia. The food was restaurant quality, and impressed everyone (including the nonkosher in-laws). And they are glatt kosher.

      Menu included a caviar bar, butternut squash soup, chilean sea bass, and dessert including carmelized pears, and apple beggars' purse.

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