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Apr 22, 2001 01:45 AM


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If someone could tell me what zei-gezunt means id really appriciate it, thanks.


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    1. re: Michael L.
      Jill Rovitzky Black

      It's probably useful to note that, depending on delivery, the phrase can be used in two ways, or at least was in my family. It can be either a warm farewell, or a somewhat sarcastic response to a plan, sort of like a Yiddish "yeah, whatever."

      1. re: Jill Rovitzky Black

        I agree with Jill. I remember my grandmother saying it and only in the sarcastic way. -- PS -- Are you Jill from Jill & Deven?

        1. re: BridgetJonesDairy

          Yes, while she might not want to own up to it, she is the Jill from & Deven.

          1. re: Deven Black

            And i am the S from those '70s hitmakers, S & the BKs. FDR/WW rules!! :)

            1. re: BridgetJones'Dairy

              Yeah, I knew that. Jill didn't. I filled her in.

    2. j
      Jennifer Fish

      As in "gesundheit"--German/Yiddish for "health".

          1. re: gdlemaire

            Out of curiosity, why did you feel the need to pipe up on a fourteen-year-old question that had already been answered by several other people at the time?