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Feb 21, 2001 11:20 PM

Kosher Catering Halls on Long Island

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Anyone know of any good catering halls that can cater glatt kosher food on Long Island?
Thank You,

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  1. I don't know. Sorry. I was just wondering if Leonard's of Great Neck is kosher. Does anyone know? Thanks.

    1. Most catering halls will offer glatt kosher through an off premise caterer (ie Prestige). Constraints often go to availibility of food storage and keeping the food hot. Yes, Leonards does offer Glatt Kosher.

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        we got married at temple judea of masapequa last year it was great try them

        1. I know of a Glatt kosher Wedding that is being planned at the Huntington Hilton. I do not know who the caterer, but I'm sure the Hotel banquet director would know.

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            I attended a glatt-kosher-catered wedding at Crest Hollow Country Club. It was lovely.

          2. Are you looking for wedding or bar/bat mitzvah type events? Crest Hollow (mentioned by emacat above) has glatt kosher as an option. A number of synagogues have catering hall facilities attached: Great Neck Synagogue (Orthodox, don't remember their caterer's hashgacha), Shelter Rock Jewish Center (Conservative, but the in house caterer DeLuxe is under the OU), Sephardic Temple (Sephardic, in house caterer Genadeen is under the Kof-K).

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              Are you looking for elegance or budget?

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                I just want to point out the original post is dated 2001...could be an error but I maybe not