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Nov 30, 2000 10:07 PM

My New Kosher Restaurant

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Now, I have read the Rules and am we are the owners of a new kosher deli on the westside of Los Angeles near Marina Del Rey that I want to tell all Chowhounds about. MR. PICKLES KOSHER DELI at 13354 Washington Blvd. Los Angeles opened 2 months ago and you are invited to try us!!!Closed Saturdays, Open from 10am - 8PM....see you there....

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  1. Hi, Joanne and Yosef

    This is a site devoted to discussion, not announcement. And we're delighted to discuss stuff with restaurateurs, too (so long as they state their affiliation...which you commendably have done). So discuss with us, rather than post an announcment and split.

    What made you decide to open a deli?
    Is there any dish there that you're particularly proud of?
    Is it possible for a deli to achieve a homemade taste these days when--as with the world of pizza--all the ingredients usually come from one central distributor?

    You can talk to us like cronies, rather than unwashed potential customers. We're a pretty savvy bunch, we eat out tons. And we invite you to enjoy hanging out here with many of your fellow chefs and food professionals. Maybe talk about stuff unrelated to your restaurant, too.


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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Joanne Feldman

      Hey Jim,
      Thanks for asking what made us open a Kosher Deli in Marina Del Rey, California. Those of us who choose to live in L.A. and be near the ocean and want to keep Kosher were tired of driving 30 minutes to the Kosher part of town, so Yosef and I decided to bring it closer.
      Yosef had been a caterer for 3 years and we decided to open the business for everyone to enjoy.
      We are getting great response to our home-cooking, and yes it is home-cooking since most of our ingredients and spices are fresh...Best babaganoush (eggplant-tahini salad) and Matzoh Ball Soup and Noodle Kugels, Potato Knishes and Best Brisket (made with expensive ingredients that most restuarants don't care to use)..
      The best reward is that our customers are actually thanking us for opening up.....
      Regards, Joanne

      1. re: Joanne Feldman

        If you're not up there already I recommend putting yourself up on the database because that is where I think most people go to look for kosher restaurants (I hope I'm in the rules by promoting some one else's web's really just a good resource...I have no connection to it).