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Nov 30, 2000 04:19 PM


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I work for A Traveling Jewish theatre in San Francisco and I am looking for pickels wholesale. Does anyone have a lead?

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  1. No, but i hope you do. :) But seriously.... I don't know where you'd buy wholesale pickles. This might not be possible unless you're in the food business. Maybe try Katz's or Guss Pickles in NYC. BTW, Timm, it's "pickles", not "pickels". I work full-time with NYSP (NY Spelling Police) and we know these things. :)

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      Dennis Leffert

      Can someone tell me where I can purchase a 'mini' wood pickle barrel. I want to make my own pickels.

      Thank you.

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        try a wine store iam also looking for pickel barrles.

        1. re: Dennis Leffert

          I want to make sour pickels like my Bubby did. Can someone send me a recipe...please? Thanks!

          1. re: julie

            You may want to post this on the General Message Board. You will get many more responses. Just make sure you specify exactly what type of recipe, ie. kosher, sours, halves, etc. Sorry I don't have any info right now because I am out of town but will take a look through my files later.