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Sep 10, 2000 05:00 PM

Kosher for Passover Resorts in North America - Any recommendations?

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Any recommendations for a place to take a family over Pesach?

The Concord website is quite bare on the subject and the Kutsher's website is down.

Thank you,

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    michael goldberg

    there are 2 new hotels in miami beach for passover. they are all suites room, price is great.e-mail lenny at he took care of me and will do the same for everyone.

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    1. re: michael goldberg
      Dr.Sergio Sadovitch

      Dear Sirs:
      I am looking for a place to spend my passover
      vacations together with my family.
      Maybe you will be kind enough to suggest me some good and no so expensive resorts (or hotels) in USA.
      Thaks for your kind attention.
      Dr. Sergio Sadovitch.

      1. re: Dr.Sergio Sadovitch

        I live in the new york area and am looking for a place for a few of the chol ha moed days.

        what have you found in your search?

        1. re: Dr.Sergio Sadovitch

          Palace Tours has taken the Walt Disney World Swan And Dolphin for Passover 2003. Including a 2 day hopper pass to any of Disneys 4 theme Park complimentary.

        2. re: michael goldberg

          please call me...we are a family of 6 adults looking to be in miami beach (beachfront) at a hotel for passover....we need Orthodox accomodations...thanx