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Aug 31, 2000 12:15 PM

Kosher restaurants in Washington D.C. area

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I'm looking for information about good kosher restaurants in the D.C. area that are reasonably priced. Interested specifically in both the Silver Spring and Potomac areas. Thank you!

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  1. Fuhgetabod. The *only* -- forget best, the *only* -- kosher restaurant in Dee Cee is "L'Etoile," an overhyped, overpriced, overcooked "French-style" ripoff downtown, serving lobbyists and other assorted parisitic types. As for the Greater Metropolitan Area, I haven't gone kosher in Silver Spring, but I have in Pikesville, Md, and -- g-d help us -- the kosheroshers there will lead you to kosher ramen in the microwave. Avoid!

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      Check out the site:, that should help you.

      Shalom and keep eating holy food!

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        Koshernic is a searchable database of kosher restaurants around the world.
        It provides reviews, ratings, maps and driving directions. It is fully
        searchable by location, KEYWORD, Hashgacha, cuisine, etc.



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          I would like to visit the washington dc area during passover. I need to know if there are any Kosher for passover restautants that I can eat at during that time

          Thank You
          Joel Stakofsky
          Dockoala @