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Feb 20, 2000 09:41 PM

Gertel's on Hester

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We were in the neighborhood, and stoped by Gertel's for some rugelach this afternoon. Feh!!! Bad pastry -- seemed like a prefab puff paste rather than cream cheese crust, and a bit stale at that. Esp. disappointning for me since I remember their stuff as being quite good in the early 80s. I used to teach (secular social studies) in a nearby yeshiva, and I would get pastries from their to boost my kids' blood sugar during exams. It was the one of the only places that met everyone's standard of kashrut, and they were pretty good to boot. But no more, at least not the rugelach.

Below is a link to a discussion of Jewish pastries from a few months ago -- some people at least like some of their stuff.


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    Jordan Hirsch

    I have not had the rugelach in a while, but the Cinnamon Babka did not survive one day. Fresh, sweet but not cloying, generous amounts of raisins, NO NUTS, the right amount of crumbs. The chocolate Russian Coffee Cake was good but not great, and the Almond Horns excellent as always.
    Besides, Gertels is around the corner from Gus's Pickles, and that can't be too bad.....

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      Looking for Gus's Pickles. I'm in a pickle and need some info. Any help would be appreciated. I live in Florida and I need a pickle!

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        I'm trying to contact gus's pickles, their phone is not working and i heard that they may have moved????does anyone know what's up? thanks, lg