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Dec 27, 1999 05:14 PM

kosher restaurants across the country

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doesn't anyone notice 2 simple facts?
1.that this board seems to focus almost entirely on the 5 boros?
2.that when you travel, all you can seem to find are kosher-STYLE restaurants?

how about looking past the hudson, chowhounders, and let's get some listing for comfort food, aka real kosher deli, outside the 5 boros??
like north jersey for starters, or la or chicago or atlanta or south florida or whatever...

now that's a mitzvah!

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  1. "Outside the five boroughs" - where is that again? Is it related to those bridges?

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    1. re: jj

      yeah, like the rest of the country...there is life out there...but is there good kosher cuisine?

      1. re: adamstoler

        Try going to They have a list of kosher restaurants all over the country.

        1. re: Fred Skalka

          There are several in the Pikesville/Reisterstown area. All are to be avoided, unless (1) you're about to die; (2) for reasons of kashrut will not eat at any other restaurant, or none that doesn't have a va'ad hechsher; and (3) can't find a supermarket for fruit, yogurt, or what have you.

          1. re: Fred Skalka

            Just found a great kosher restaurant database.


      2. The original comment has been removed