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May 2, 1999 01:05 PM

Where's the VEGGIE board?

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I'm not kosher, but vegetarian, and find myself looking
here for good restaurant leads. ...for not just veggie
restaurants but also regular chowhound haunts that are
veggie-friendly...and what to order when I wind up with
my carnivore friends at the places that serve big
steaming bowls of pigs' feet.

What do you say, Big-Dog? Add a vegetarian board---I
promise to post!

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  1. yeah whack the pareve, the k board gets no action I`d rather read a veggie board

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    1. re: jg
      Frank Language

      "the k board gets no action"

      I'll refrain from making a :"k-hole" comment
      a matter of fact, I'd be a whole lot more interested in
      a veggie board than a kosher onee. Maybe we can fit
      both in somehow?

    2. d
      Dave Feldman

      I don't see the necessity for a separate board for
      vegetarians. No other type of food has its own board
      and I think I'd hate for the message boards devolve
      into "meat" and "drinks" boards.

      My guess is that VERY few chowhounds don't love
      vegetables. Why not post under "what's my craving,"
      "the best," or by geographical area?

      I guess there is one similarity between the kosher and
      proposed vegetarian topic: there are some foods you
      actually won't/can't eat. That certainly separates
      you from most chowhounds (!) and is the best argument
      for having a separate topic.