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Mar 29, 1999 01:09 PM

Help- Kosher L'Pasah

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I know it's late but can I Kosher wooden cutting
boards with boiling water or Pyrex cup measures and
mixing bowls? How about stoneware or china?

Up until this year we though boiling water Koshered
them but we found a site a few days ago that said we
were wronge. Can anyone clear this up for us in time
to be correct this year for Pasach.

Deep down we hope that site is wrong because it would
mean buying things. Sigh, but we'll do what we got to
do to keep Mitzvoth. So Please, Helllllp!


Corey and Carol (aka C & C)

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  1. Sorry but china/earthware cannot be koshered. Call Aish
    at 212-579-1388 for any questions. Meanwhile, start
    shopping! Chag Sameac

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    1. re: Amy Tarshis

      We already did start shopping because we were next to
      sure the site we found was correct even if we didn't
      like what it said. Our new challenge will be in
      finding places to store all the new Pasach dishes that
      we got on sale this year.

      Thanks again.

      C & C

    2. m
      Moshe Horowitz

      Wooden articles definitely cannot be kashered for Pesach use. Pyrex as much as we think of it as 'glass' there are still problems as there could be minute pockets which would contain in them chametz. In regard to made French glassware of all sorts, they cannot be kashered for Pesach as they too are made of glass that also have minute pockets which absorb and also contain chametz. B"H you have a great attitude in wanting to the observe the Laws of Pesach. Kol HaKavod!!!