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Mar 27, 1999 09:55 AM

Kosher for Passover restaurants in Manhattan

  • j

Anyone have any recommendations on Pesadik restauants
that might be serving lunch on 5/5 or 5/6? Midtown,

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  1. try calling abigails, or la marais(spelling??) good luck, its getting late

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      What did you find out. I understand Dougies is also Kosher for Passover

      1. re: joel bloom
        Linda Eisenstadt

        My husband and I will be in Manhattan Friday to Sunday right after the Sedarim for our daughter's showcase performance. Do you know where we can eat Friday night, Saturday lunch & dinner, Sunday breakfast & lunch and possibly bring something back on the plane? Thank you for any help you can give me.

        1. re: Linda Eisenstadt
          milton kramer

          darna at 89th and columbus

          1. re: Linda Eisenstadt

            Hi. I just happened to see your posting. The Kabbalah Center located at 155 E. 48th St. will have kosher for Passover meals that shabbat. You can call 212-644-0025 and make a reservation. The food is strictly kosher and shomer shabbat (i.e. all the shabbat food is prepared before shabbat). I myself was searching to find somewhere to eat on Sunday. . . .there are quite a few restaurants, but I don't know of any one listing. Good luck and shalom. Channah

      2. Do you know of any kosher for passover restauurants in Long Island? Thank you.