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Mar 25, 1999 02:59 PM

Passover dessert...HELP!!!

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With Passover coming up next week does anyone know of a, great (I want the boyfriend's family to remain impressed with me!) place to purchase dessert for the night's seder? Some place in Soho or West Village would be most convenient...but will go east and uptown if necessary. Thanks!

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  1. Chocolate Nut Torte.

    8 Matzohs
    Sweet red wine or grape juice
    1 recipe soft chocolate frosting/filling prepared.
    6 oz. chocolate chips
    2T. Margarine
    chopped nuts

    Dip first Matzah in wine on both sides and place on
    serving dish. Spread with filling. Repeat layers,
    ending with Matzah.

    Melt chips with Margerine and water. Frost top and
    sides of torte, decorate with chopped nuts. Chill.

    The hardest part of this recipe is finding Kosher
    L'Pasach ingredents to make this recipe at this late
    date. Last year I used a chocolate bar because there
    where no chocolate chips left but it still worked out

    You can make your own confectioners sugar, by the way,
    it's one cup sugar minus 1/2 T. in it's place out 1/2
    T potatoe starch and pulse on high setting until very
    fine. I also made this by flavoring one half of the
    filling recipe chocolate and going every other layer
    but my husband prefers it all vanilla (I like the mix)

    If you can get these things ready made it very easy,
    looks elegant, and tastes excellent! If not make the
    filling ahead and it still easy. I make it every
    Passover along with brownies.

    Enjoy your Passover,


    C & C