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Mar 23, 1999 05:23 PM

kosher fish

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Question: Is monkfish kosher?

il davis

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  1. I don't think so. try chilean sea bass, its better, imho

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      Monkfish is definitely not kosher---but isn't the
      suggestion to try Chilean sea bass irrelevant? They're
      very different kinds of fish. (Apples/oranges?)

      Thanks to this board for linking me to good lists of
      kosher restaurants. My totally treif son and
      daughter-in-law went to La Marais with their glatt
      kosher cousins from Israel and liked it so much they
      put it on their pre-theater list.

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      adele fishman

      monkfisk is not kosher, but does anyone know if gurnard (or gurnet) is

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      1. re: adele fishman

        Don't know gurnet but if the fish has both fins and scales it is kosher.

        1. re: Jennifer
          Elizabeth Richardson Savage

          I do not think this is the correct spelling but in the second World War in Britain gurnet was the fish we lived on. It has a jelly type bone in it. It was an extreemly tasty fish to be found in all the fish shops across the land. I have looked for it for the past 37 years here in Canada but never found it again.

      2. I have another kosher fish question. Is basa kosher? I fisrt thought it was a kind of bass, but did some research which indicated it is a kind of catfish. Now I'm not sure.

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        1. re: sophia

          I know that the catfish is a "bottom feeder" i.e. scavenger. Which, in my limited knowledge, makes it not kosher. I hope I'll be corrected, if I'm wrong. pat

          1. re: pat hammond

            If it has fins and scales, it's kosher.

            1. re: pat hammond

              C. Fox and Pat are both right--
              if a fish has fins and scales it is Kosher.
              Catfish do not; no bottom feeder is Kosher.

              1. re: Jennifer

                Kosher ...I just came across your site and would like to clear up a few items regarding fishes which are kosher....bottom feeding has nothing to do with being kosher....carp and freshwater suckers are bottom feeders and these two fishes are be classified as a fish the animal must have paired finsaand a back bone and also jaws these must be present to be a fish and again have nothing to due with being be kosher a fish must have scales which can be removed with out tearing the skin this requirement eliminates many fishes,,such as American eels..this fish have scales but the scales are small and would require the skin to be torn while trying to remove the scales,sturgeon also have scales but these scales can not be remover without tearing thr skin..there are fishes which do not have scales are these would not be kosher...the fish which we are now seeing for sale in the U.S...the basa fish is a catfish and is not kosher

                1. re: Jack Donlan
                  Jerry Ostrowski

                  where can I buy a fish skin remover ?
                  Jerry - Chicago

          2. c
            Cedrick D. Stafford

            Hello. I am a USDA Food Inspector currently attending Texas A&M at College Station Texas. I'm currently doing a case study for Veterinary Medicine Department on the pro's of consuming Kosher meat and egg products. I really would like to hear from people who really produce the products and maintain health standards while providing a service. Please return as much Scienticic info as a attachment or journals from professionls in your feild of expertiese.

            Thank You.