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Mar 9, 1999 04:24 PM

Kosher Wine

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Can anybody suggest any Kosher wines for passover?
This year I've made it my mission to find the world of
kosher wine that exists outside of the sickly-sweet
Manischevitz that haunts our seder every year.

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    There is lots of good Pessadich wine available.
    Vintners in the US, France, Italy, Israel (of course),
    and other places are offering some fine choices, too
    many to list. If you have a wine merchant whom you
    trust, ask him to suggest a few possibilities. Check
    them out in the next few weeks, and then buy what you
    like. If you tell us where you live, someone may be
    able to suggest a store.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman
      Bernard Haddad

      Since Passover is coming back again this year soon,
      this is a question to come. I don't know where you
      could find a wine merchant close by (I am in France),
      but there are at least a hundred sorts of wines
      available in France. If I knew how to solve the
      customs questions I would organise a Fedex delivery to
      whoever is interested.
      Bordeaux, Bourgogne, White, Red, Rosé, medium level or
      high level (mouton cadet, haut brion)etc... all that

      1. re: Bernard Haddad

        for under $10--look for Herzog Chenin blanc for a white--off dry--really nice. Their zinfandel is also passable. California: Weinstock makes palatable wines in all colors--actually--nicely made juice and so does Gan Eden--but he's fallen off some in the past few years. Also--Al Fasi from Chile. From Bandol (provence) look for the special kosher cuvee from Bunyan. I know there's some decent Italian kosher wines out there but I certainly haven't found them.

        1. re: alice

          try the weinstock chilean wines
          also alfasi put out an inexpensive wine called flora thats nice

          1. re: hesh

            Rashi brand puts out good wines

          2. re: alice
            Craig Winchell

            I don't really think that my wines have fallen off in the past few years. Rather, I think you might have gotten some older product which has not been stored properly by the retailers in your area (if indeed we are still distributed in your area-- I have mainly gone consumer direct). GAN EDEN wines win just as many medals as they ever have, over the entire product line. For sweet wines, the Late HArvest Gewurztraminer and Black Muscat each regularly win over 10 medals per year. For dry reds, my new 1997 Limited Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and 1996 cuvee "Les Trois Canards" are show quite well, and that is true of all of my Chardonnays as well. Please consider that even my older wines have won recent medals-- the 1993 Chardonnay Reserve and 1990 Cabernet Sauvignon both took Silvers in the 2001 California State Fair, and the 1994 Chardonnay took a bronze there. However, nothing dry of mine has come close to the success of the 1986 Cabernet Sauvignon in terms of medal wins (it was the top rated Cabernet Sauvignon in the USA in 1989), but then, even the top California nonkosher producers rarely repeat such success stories.

            Craig Winchell
            GAN EDEN Wines

            1. re: Craig Winchell

              Craig -- I don't know if you noticed you were responding to a two year old message, but it is good to see a kosher winemaker here as there are almost annual discussions of what are the best wines for Passover.

              I hope you'll continue to check in here and join in the general flow of discussion.

      2. f
        Frank Language

        Well, I have to say first that I've never had any
        kosher wine, but the most visible place on the Lower
        East Side for decades has been Schapiro's; for many
        years the mural facing Essex Street read:
        "Schapiro's...The wine you can almost 'Cut With a
        Knife'". That old sign can still be seen in "Crossing
        Delancey", but apparently the owner saw a need to
        modernize, because the sign has since been painted over
        by Chico, the omnipresent Lower East Side muralist.

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        1. re: Frank Language
          Josh Mittleman

          Schapiro's wine isn't something to drink; you sort of
          spread it on bread.

          For years, the only drinkable Kosher-for-Passover wine
          was Baron Hertzog. It has never been more than
          drinkable. That's changed these days; there really is
          excellent wine available for a seder.

        2. for a true, world class wine, from Israel, for passover, try and find a wonderful cab, Barkan Riserve, 1993. your wine merchant can order a case if necessary. enjoy

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