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May 11, 1998 06:03 PM

kosher deli in Brooklyn

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I'm looking for serious Kosher deli in Brooklyn. Does
anyone have any rec's?

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  1. The Best Kosher deli is at
    5823 Ave T
    Mill Basin Kosher Deli

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    1. re: mark

      "The Best Kosher deli is at 5823 Ave TMill Basin Kosher

      something tells me that Mark is more than a
      disinterested observer...

      In any case, Mill Basin's ok, not great.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        The best kosher deli in Westchester is Epstein's Deli. We were there Saturday and I had delicious matzo ball soup and a falafel sandwich with Israeli salad. Everything was out of this world. This deli is on Central Avenue in Hartsdale. And this review from a

        1. re: Susan Nolan

          Epstein's is not bad. There is another Epstein's on
          Central Avenue in the same shopping center as Modell's.
          Also in that strip mall is Syon Kosher Meat,which has
          pretty good takeout. Brisket, Matza Ball Soup etc....

          1. re: glenn

            Susan, with gratitude for the plug, "goyim" is plural ("goy," or (for your gender) "goyah"), but appreciate the sentiment. But middle eastern (Israeli, Lebanese, Morrocan, Libyan falafel/couscous/tabouleh, etc.) ain't "deli", at least not the way my mother's litvak family could ever possibly accept. So be it: that's what happens when the "delis" in the 'burbs are run by sabras -- but head to Eastern Parkway, try a real Galizianer deli, and report back!

    2. Gotlieb's Restaurant in wilamsburg on Bedford Ave.
      Corner of Robling.