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Mar 21, 1998 07:12 PM

Gefilte fish

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Is there in New York City a take-out shop or store
stocking home-made gefilte fish (fresh or frozen)
that is WITHOUT sugar? Not that diabetes is the
issue, but having been raised on the subtle tart
Litvak style of preparing this dish, the
sweetening of this delicacy is an abomination to
the palate. I would make it myself but time does
not permit lately. Anyone with hints??

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  1. I found it! Zabar's has it homemade. Now, I'm not
    certain if it does not contain sugar but I had it last
    Saturday and it was not sweet. Shalom,bab

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    1. re: Amy Tarshis
      Michele Fuchs

      I must agree, as would my mom, that for take-out,
      Zabar's gefilte fish is the best! Not to mention, that
      their lobster and shrimp salad kicks butt!

      i don't recall it being sweet either, just really good!

    2. A compromise between buying ready-made and starting
      from scratch might be Ungars which comes in a loaf
      shape in the frozen Kosher section of several grocery
      stores. All you do is place in boiling water and then
      drain and slice. I've had the regular kind, which is
      excellent, but it does have sugar (and we prefer it
      that way). However, there is also a sugar-free version
      which I have not tried. Good luck.