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Aug 26, 1997 06:57 PM


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Hapisgah. I think that's the way it's spelled, is a good Israeli steakhouse on Union Turnpike just east of Main Street in Kew Gardens. This isn't your average hummus-slinging joint, it has a large menu of meat, chicken and fish dishes. There's a spicy looking, bright-orange soup with these meatball type things floating around that I haven't had the courage to try yet. Whenever I ask someone who's eating it what it is they say, foot soup. Also, a great and lively place to take your kosher mom.

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  1. steve, it sounds good, but I am a loyal devotee of
    Mabat in brooklyn. It's a Yemenite steakhouse (at 1809
    E.7th and King's Highway, 718-339-3300) and it's
    unbelievably good.

    Great lamb and sweetbreads and stuff, but my fave is
    the sinaya: tachina (a specially prepared tahini),
    turkey, onions, and mushrooms. The sweet fried onions
    work against the rich nutty sesame sauce, and
    turkey--full of grill flavor--dovetails brilliantly
    with the funky mushrooms. The whole forms a sublimely
    delicate flavor stasis.

    I should post my whole review of the place...gotta
    resolve some copyright issues...

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      Lisa Antinore


      Just checked out your Hapisgah bit. I don't cruise the Kosher boards all that much but now that I've become friends with an ultra-orthodox woman and we're always looking for things to do, I'll check the boards out more frequently.

      The mystery soup is not "foot" soup at all :) but Kibbeh soup, made from molded bulgar wheat that has often been stuffed with vegetables or lamb.

      I had it and it was super-delish.

      Warm regards,

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