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Jun 16, 2006 10:03 AM

Chicken Pho

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Does anyone know of any place in NY that specializes in Chicken Pho? All the places here serve you the same broth they use for beef pho and add mediocre shreds of white meat chicken (it should be poached chicken with the skin). I've been to many places in Chinatown and it's the same old story.

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    The WesFoodie

    As I recall Bo Ky on Bayard Street in C-Town uses chicken broth for chick, beef for beef and seafood for their excellent vietnamese soups. Even though you were asking for chicken pho - you gotta try the country style duck noodle soup - the best c.s. duck in town!!!!


      1. I realize this is almost four years late....but I figured for googlers I'd drop a note ;)

        Xe Lua in chinatown serves pretty solid Chicken Pho that definitely uses chicken broth. In fact this might be unpopular to the Xe Lua crowd (and maybe the pho crowd in general) but I actually like their chicken pho better. Nothing feels better on a cold than spicy chicken pho with bowls of broth... A price note, a bowl of Pho that is literally about 1/3 a gallon is $5.50. My bowls aren't even big enough when I get it delivered, I have to assemble it inside pots.