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Jun 9, 2006 05:11 PM

Kosher Deli

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I'm in NYC after years away & 2nd Ave Deli is gone *sob* where can I get a kosher fatty corned beef sandwich or or frankfuter & sauerkraut,... ...

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  1. Mill Basin Deli, in Brooklyn. Excellent corned beef, pastrami, franks & sauerkraut, knoblewurst (my absolute favorite!), and much, much more. Friendly, efficient service. Nice atmospherics, including an "art gallery" on the walls.


    1. What about Katz' Deli? on Houston.

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      1. re: roreo

        AFAIK, Katz' is "kosher-style", not kosher.

          1. re: RGR

            No, it isn't, and you can get Reubens there.

            1. re: Pan

              It's not just that you can get Reubens, which includes cheese that would be verboten in a kosher deli since meat and dairly products cannot be served on the same premises. It's also the meats that are not kosher.

              1. re: RGR

                I realize that. But the fact that you can get Reubens makes it really obvious how treyf the food is there.

                1. re: Pan

                  There are faux cheeses made from soy. So, it is possible to make a kosher Reuben.


      2. Was Katz's never actually kosher?

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        1. re: MikeG

          Another clue - no kosher restaurant would EVER be open on Saturday.

          1. re: financialdistrictresident


            Your statement is not completely true. Many kosher delis are open on Saturday, including the Mill Basin Deli, in Brooklyn, as was the late 2nd Av. Deli -- which, as you may have heard, will be re-opening in a few months on 33rd St.

            What makes delis kosher is that they follow the laws of kashruth, i.e., they serve only kosher meats, and there is absolutely no dairy on the menu. Mill Basin even explains these rules on their website:

            However, if you're talking about *glatt* kosher delis, then you're correct.

            Oh, and with regard to Katz's, it's best described as kosher-style. I don't know if any of their meats are kosher, but even if they are, there are items on the menu that are dairy or use dairy products; for example, a Reuben, which is made with cheese. I suppose you might find a Reuben in a kosher deli, but it would have to be made with an ersatz "cheese" product (soy).

        2. Kennsington Deli in Great Neck....
          Fatty is not want you want. Tasty and Great.

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          1. re: FLYPAPER

            Leibman's in Riverdale W 235th St...delicious!!!

            1. re: FLYPAPER

              more complicated, the fat issue. You want the meat marbled with enough fat within, but hanging fat is yucky. Katz's (never strictly kosher only because no store open and selling meat on Saturday can be considered kosher under law) does have the perfect proportion of marbling, and the flavor is exposed by the hand cutting of the meat because of the slower, slightly irregular nature of the cutting.

            2. arties on 80th & broadway. real good cornerdbeef and the BEST Matzoball soup I have had anywhere.

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              1. re: redsoxnumba1

                Artie's, whose menu features a variety of Reubens as well as offering cheeseburgers and cheese omelettes, is not kosher. BTW, I don't love their meats, but they make an excellent grilled frank.

                1. re: redsoxnumba1

                  You've obviously never had my grandmothers Matzah Ball soup then.