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Jun 8, 2006 12:30 PM

best sukiyaki nyc

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i'm looking for sukiyaki in new york city but at a very affordable fancy gourmet please!

i used to go to a place tiny place in midtown around 45th street, but for the life of me cant remember where.


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  1. Perhaps on 41st between 5th and Madison on the South side ? There two very informal small places that serve Japanese dishes and sukiyaki is one of them.

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    1. re: Leo

      yeah I've been to that place. It's pretty good if you want a quick, not expensive japanese lunch. that whole block is mostly japanese stores like that resturant, a japanese grocery and book-off. but yeah the food there is decent.

      1. re: Leo

        Sukiyaki is a hotpot dish. None of those quick lunch places on 41st will be serving that. They might have a sukiyaki-donburi, which is a meat and vegetables cooked sukiyaki style over rice. Not the same thing though, if the OP is looking for real sukiyaki. The Japanese-run shabu shabu places will probably serve sukiyaki, like Shabu Tatsu. In midtown, I believe I've seen it on a few menus. I believe Naniwa would be a solid place to find it.

      2. You may be thing of Sapporo, on 48th St near 7th Ave? In terms of decor and cleanliness, it's on a level with a middling-to-low-end NYC diner but the food is good in a neighborhood-restaurant way. It seems to have been "taken over", not necessarily in a bad way, by twenty-something Japanese (students?) of late, when I first started eating there 20-ish years ago, it was mostly older 30s-50s, "business" types.

        The place is hardly a destination, but their sukiyaki is decent enough and it's cetainly reasonably priced. I haven't made much of a sukiyaki survey, so if there is better, even at higher prices, I'd like to know about it - I get tired of nothing but sushi talk! LOL

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        1. re: MikeG

          Any update on this sukiyaki question?

          I am looking for some in manhattan.


          1. re: SamScaff

            I don't know about anything new but Naniwa (proper, full restaurant, decent atmosphere, east of 5th on 44th? St) and Sapporo (still a greasy spoon) both still have it - personally I don't think there's a huge difference between this dish at these 2 places.

        2. Have not tried it personally, but Shabu Tatsu in the East Village offers sukiyaki.

          216 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003

          1. i've had tasty and affordable sukiyaki at GO on st. marks pl between 2nd/3rd aves