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Jun 5, 2006 12:04 PM

Any Uzbek restaurants in NYC?

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Any recs for Uzbek food in the 5 boros?

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  1. Several in Forest Hills & Rego Park. Do a search: Uzbek Restaurants Queens NYC. Or post on the outer boros. They've been mentioned in the past.

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      Bob Martinez

      I have heard very good things recently from a person I trust about Salut in Rego Park.

      Robert Sietsema reviewed it in 1998.


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      babar ganesh

      also brighton beach. is chio pio (on brighton 4th) still open?

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        chio pio is closed. I recommend Eastern Feast - best kebab IMO in all NYC. For lagman, plov and bahsh I'd go to Rego Park.

      2. i recently went to Taam-tov in the diamond district, manhattan. i was so excited to not have to treck all the way out to queens to get central asian food. but the food wasn't good. Shashlik (skewered meat) was okay but the plov was atrocious. Lagman is usually made with chives, green daikon radish and salted peppers. The Lagman at Taam-Tov was made with spaghetti noodles. That was pretty sad...

        I also went to Cheburechnaya in Queens a couple of months ago. That was great. The lagman was terrible but everything else was great, except I don't remember the food back home being this greasy. Generally, Uzbek food is heavy and greasier than the versions of the same dishes in the neighobring countries.

        If you want lagman go to Arzu in Rego Park.

        1. there is an uighur place around 13th street on the main road of brighton beach. serves lagman but not a big portion, russian salads, some skewers, and those uighur dumpling meat things. byob only. no alcohol on menu.

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            Cafe Kashkar, 1141 Brighton Beach Ave. (at BB14th or 15th) fantastic lamb kebabs and lamb rib kebabs. Soup with lamb dumplings = amazing.

          2. Shalom, on 108th Street in Rego Park, serves an amazing, succulent, salmon kebab. Cheburechnaya has perhaps the biggest assortment of kebabs, including ram's testicle. Salut, although excellent, is weighed down by service that is oftentimes indifferent at best. Depending on when you go, you could be waiting at the door for a table for 15 minutes without hearing a word from the waitstaff.

            Some intriguing places - I can only assume they are Uzbeki as well - have opened along Queens Boulevard. I have yet to try, for instance, King David Restaurant, Gan Eden (am not sure whether this has any relation to the defunct diamond district place) and - get this - Restaurant # 1.

            Note: if you're into the great, round bread (with the indentation in the middle) served at Uzbeki restaurants, piping hot and chewy loaves are sold by the dozens at the excellent Russian supermarket a few paces away from Salut, on 108th.